Make Peace With Your Hair

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Unveiling Amanda

Amanda had always had super long hair, but had for a time been considering cutting it short "like Miley"

That time had finally come around and over a period of 6 weeks, I created these three looks for her.

Renewing Josie

Feeling like she had been in a rut in her hair, she emailed me and I got her out of it with a steep undercut and mid-length layers styled in a boo-inspired up do

Glorious client selfie

Invoking Winona with Rachel

Removing the Disconnections with Jessie

Mid-length layered cut I did for a class I took at John of Italy Salon in Westlake Village

Invoking the Androids with Jackie

Trim for Natasha

Fun in the Woods

Sane Hair Styling

Photographer: Symphony MarieModel: Sarena Friedman
MUA: Hannah Emellor Lund
Hair: Sean Alexander Bonilla

Glorious Client Selfie